How do I add parts to a workshop job using Platinum Online?

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This article explains how to add parts to a Workshop Job using Platinum Online.

More Information

  • Log in to Platinum Online.
  • Enter your 'Online ID' and 'Password' then click [Log in].
To check/set up your Platinum Online log in details, click here
Please note the "Depot" option is only relevant to parts enquiries and does not affect the depot your stock will be taken from. This is controlled by the depot linked to your site/user.
  • Go to " Workshop Technician Activity".
  • All Jobs your system is configured to display will be listed on screen.
  • Select the Job you wish to add a part to.
  • Find the " Job Parts" section.
  • Select [Add Part].
  • Either:
    • Scan the item Barcode. The item will be automatically booked to the Job.
    • Enter the exact Part Number and press [Go] or [Add Part]. The item will be automatically booked to the Job.
    • Enter part of the item description or part number. Press [Go] or [Add Part].
      • Any items matching the search text will be listed.
      • Select the item you want to add.
If you select an item which is not in the list of matching parts it will be added to the Job as a descriptive line, with no prices set. This will need to be checked and amended to make sure an actual stock code is booked to the job before it is invoiced. To highlight this to the Workshop Manager, see Setting a Problem Status below.
Periodically your device will synchronise with your live Platinum system. At this point the items will be added to the Job.

Removing Parts

A part that was added to a job in error can be removed.

  • Go to " Workshop Technician Activity" and locate the job as described above.
  • Select the 3 dots to the left of the part you wish to remove.
  • Select the " Remove part" option.
You can remove any part that was added by you in the current Platinum Online session. You may remove other parts subject to the " Delete job items"Workshop security setting in Platinum.

Setting a Problem Status

The Status of a Job can alter when a technician adds a part which doesn't exist on the system.

Goto " Reports & Settings Maintenance Options System Administrator Platinum Settings" and search for "status remote".

  • Enter a Status in "Status for remote job alert" or press <Ctrl+F1> to search for it.
If a status doesn't exist then you can click [Add] to create a new status. Use a 3 character code and a suitable description. Set a "Background" colour then click [Done] and [Accept].

Why does Platinum Online not list some of my Parts?

Platinum Online downloads the first '1000' items that are in stock at the technicians's default depot and stores them for offline use.

If the device is offline when you are adding parts, then only the 1000 stored parts can be searched when finding a part.

Why can't I enter a quantity?

If you don't see any quantity fields, or you cannot click on them and they are greyed out, then your Platinum System is out of date and needs to be updated to enable them. To update Platinum, please see Downloading a Platinum update.

Synchronising Platinum Online

Platinum Online will use your internet connection periodically to update your Workshop system. To force the system to refresh and update:

  • Go to the [Technician Activity] screen.
  • Select [Refresh].

Log Out

At the end of each day you should log out of Platinum Online.

  • Select the 3 bars () to the left of [Technician Activity].
  • Select [Logout].

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