Can I add shortcuts to Platinum menus?

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This article explains how to add a shortcut to a custom menu.

More Information

A "shortcut" is a link to a resource outside of platinum. It could be a document, a spreadsheet or another file type located on this computer or a networked one, or it could be a resource located on the web.

Adding a Shortcut to a Menu

Creating a New Shortcut

If the shortcut you want to add to the menu does not exist, you may create it:

  • Following the Adding options to custom menus instructions and choosing the " Shortcuts" option, press <Ctrl+F1>.
  • Press [Add] or <F6> to begin creating a new shortcut.
  • At "Description", enter the description you want to give to the shortcut. This will appear on the menu.
  • At "Path/Location", enter the location of the resource you want to link to.
    • If the resource is a document on this computer or a networked one, you may use the "..." button to "browse" for the document's location.
    • If the resource is a web resource, enter its URL/web address. This is the same as what would be typed and shown in the address bar of an internet browser and be in the format ''.
You should ensure the item you are linking to has no spaces in the name e.g. if linking to a document.

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