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Platinum displays images in the left and right hand corners of the screen (it also uses the right hand image on your print outs). While the left hand image is fixed to the Platinum Logo, the image on the right is customisable by company and site.

More Information

If you want your own company logo/image in the right hand corner of your screens and in your headings on non document printouts (e.g. Ledger listing, stock lists etc.) then follow the instructions below.

Back it up! Before you do any configuration to Platinum you should always perform a backup of your data.
  • You will need a '.png' image file with a width of '250' and a height of '95' called 'HeaderR.png' of the image to use. Any image that is not this size will be scaled and if the width and height is not the same ratio as (250x95) your image will be squashed to fit.
  • Copy this file into the appropriate data folder.
    • 'sx\sxco?' where '?' is the identification number of the company you want to change the image for.
    • (If you are unsure of the company ID, right click on the short cut you use to start Platinum and select [Properties]. The company ID will be on the "Target" line, look for 'sxco=?').

Multiple Sites

If you are operating multiple sites from the same Platinum company it is possible to have a different image appear for each site.

  • Follow the instructions above but name the image 'HeaderR<sitecode>.png', i.e. 'HeaderR001.png'.
  • Create an image for each of the sites required in the appropriate data folder.
  • Should the image you select not exist then 'HeaderR.png' will be used.

Standard Image

Right click on the image below and use the 'Save As' option to save and use the standard Platinum right hand image.


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