Can Remittance Advices print address labels?

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Yes, it can! If you have a dedicated label printer attached to your Platinum System, (Contact our sales department for details if you do not) the Supplier Remittance Advices can print off an address label for each supplier for whom a remittance is produced. Please note that you cannot currently use sheets of labels that go through a laser printer for this.

More Information

Remittance Advice

  • Set "Address Label?:" to 'Y' in the "Remittance Advice Details" section of "Print Range of Remittance Advice".

Set up

To set the default for "Address Label?:".

  • Go to " Reports & Settings Maintenance Options System Administrator Platinum Settings".
  • Set "Print Remittance Labels:" to 'N' or 'Y' as required.

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