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In many "Sales text" fields, you can enter text that will appear on your website. In these text fields it is permissible to use a selected sub-set of HTML tags to style the text in various ways.

More Information

The allowed HTML tags are listed below. A description of what they do is beyond the scope of this article.

Generally, paragraph tags (<p>) are not required. Simply leave empty lines between paragraphs and the website will show them as such.

Block elements

  • <h1>&</h1>''' to '''<h6>&</h6> - Defines text as a HTML Heading (h1 = largest - h6 = Smallest)
  • <p>&</p> - Defines a Paragraph
  • <div>&</div> - Define a section of a document
  • <ul>&</ul> - Defines a directory list
  • <ol>&</ol> - Defines an ordered list
  • <li>&</li> - Defines an Un-ordered list
  • <table>&</table> - Defines a Table
  • <thead>&</thead> - Defines the heading content of a table
  • <tbody>&</tbody> - Defines the body content of a table
  • <tfoot>&</tfoot> - Defines the footer content of a table
  • <tr>&</tr> - Defines the row of a table
  • <th>&</th> - Defines a header cell in a table
  • <td>&</td>- Defines a cell in a table
  • <br> - Inserts a single line break
  • <hr> - Defines a thematic change in the content

In-line elements

  • <font>&</font> - Defines a section in a particular font
  • <strong>&</strong> or <b>&</b> - Defines a section in BOLD
  • <i>&</i> - Defines a section in Italics
  • <em>&</em> - Defines emphasized text
  • <span>&</span> - Defines a section in a document
  • <img ..... /> - Defines a image Link
  • <a .... /> - Defines a hyperlink

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