How do I Allocate a Payment to a Credit Note?

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Sometimes a supplier will send you a credit note and send a payment for that credit note. This will be in place of offsetting the credit note against any outstanding or subsequent invoices.

These instructions explain how to post the payment you have received onto your supplier's account and allocate it to the credit note.

More Information

Go to " Purchase Ledger Payments".

  • At "Supplier:", type in the supplier's account code if known, or search for the supplier.
  • Select the Credit Note to which to allocate the payment.
  • Press <F> if you have been paid in full for the Credit Note.
    • If you have not been paid for the whole credit note, press the minus sign then enter the amount you have received.
  • Press [Done] to enter the payment details. Make sure the date is correct, i.e. the date you received payment.
  • At "Cheque no./Comment", enter the cheque number or a comment e.g. 'BACS REFUND', 'VISA', 'ALLOCATED'.
  • Make sure the payment centre is correct to show how the money has been received. This should usually be 'Z992' - "Bank Account" but alter the centre if necessary.
  • Select [Done].
  • You may choose to print a remittance at this stage by selecting the [Remittance] button.
  • Select [Accept] and the "Payment" is complete.

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