How do I authorise Platinum for Making Tax Digital?

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This article explains how to authorise your Platinum Software with HMRC for the new Making Tax Digital regulations.

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Authorisation has to be renewed every 18 months. Before you start this process, please make sure you have a password set for Platinum Online as this is used as the link between Platinum and HMRC's portal. Also ensure HMRC have confirmed you are subscribed to Making Tax Digital.

See How do I set or change my Platinum Online Password? for setting your password.

Go to " Reports & Settings Reports V.A.T. Reports".

  • You will now see a message saying your Platinum Software is not authorised for MTD. Press the [Authorise] button.
  • Platinum Online will open in your browser window. Enter your username and password and then press the [Login] button.
  • Once logged in you will be taken directly onto the HMRC Authorisation section. If it does not then you may not have access credentials (You must have access to " Reports & Settings Maintenance Options System Administrator" in order to authorise Platinum for use with HMRC.).
  • Press [Authorise]. You will now be taken to the sign in page on
  • Enter your "User id" and "Password" for the Government Gateway.
You are no longer on a Catalyst website, you are now on the the UK Government Gateway website so Catalyst will never have access to your HMRC sign in credentials.
  • Press the [Sign in] button.

Once you have signed in, you will be taken to another page that will ask you to authorise Platinum for Making Tax Digital.

  • Now press [Grant authority].
    • Once this is done you will be taken back to Platinum and you can now run your VAT report as normal and Platinum will file your VAT return for you.

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