How do I Book in Batched Stock Lines?

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This article explains how to record a batch number as you are booking in stock items.

More Information

The system will only prompt for batch information on items where the "Batched?" flag on the [Invoicing] tab of the stock record is set to 'Yes'. This allows tracking of the individual items from this batch. See Creating a stock item.

Booking in via a Purchase Order

Book your items into stock via Purchase Ordering as usual.

You will be presented with a [Batch Selection] screen.

  • For each item in turn you must create a new batch or book items to existing batches.
  • The "Stock" code of the item you are booking in is displayed in the middle of the screen.
To book stock to an existing batch, press <Ctrl+F1>.
    • Select the batch from the list then press <F2>.
To create a new batch, enter the "Batch No".
This may be a batch number or sequence code displayed on the product itself.
  • Press <Shift+F10>.
If you would prefer to use a system generated number, press <Shift+F10> without entering a code then press <F2>.
  • Enter a "Description" or note for the batch, e.g. any additional sequence numbers. If you do not have any notes to add, simply repeat the batch number as you will be unable to save the record without entering some text here.
  • You may enter a location or leave the field blank if the Stock Code itself has a location set.
    • Press <Ctrl+F1> to search through existing locations.
    • Highlight and press [F2] to choose a location from the list or click [Add] to create a new location.
    • Enter the new Location code in the "Location" field.
    • Click [Done] and [Accept] to save the new location and return to the batch screen.
  • Press <Esc> and [Accept].
  • Check the "Quantity to Use" matches the quantity to book to the specified batch.
    • Amend if necessary, e.g. if you are splitting the item between batches.
  • Press <Esc> and [Accept].
    • If you split the item, you will be prompted to repeat the process until you have allocated the entire quantity to batches.

Repeat when prompted until all batched stock has been allocated to suitable batches.

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