How do I Create/Amend Order Labels?

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The following article explains how to modify the layout of your labels, in particular the ones that you use when sending or receiving orders.

More Information

  • Go to " Stock Control Stock Labels Amend Labels".
  • Press <F1> to find the required label in the list or enter the next label code in the sequence to create a new one.
  • Press <Enter> to go into the configuration of the label.

General Guidelines on Configuration

There are five pages of information here.

Press <Page-Up> and <Page-Down> to go forward and backward through the pages.

There are three settings important to the positioning and style of the details on a label:

This is the position of the item down the label.
This is the position of the item across the label.

(These two figures are the distance in millimetres from the top left hand corner of the label).

This gives the style of the printing of that line.
This can be set as follows:
  • Normal - This will print the line in the normal size print.
  • Expanded - This will print the line in a large size print and is good for use on prices in particular.
  • Compressed - This will print the line in a small size print and is good for fields that contain a lot of information such as stock descriptions.
  • Enhanced - This will print in bold.
Bear in mind the size of your label when using these styles. Stock descriptions can be thirty characters long and in normal print, this will take up approximately 80 millimetres. If your label is 57 millimetres wide, you will need to make the style 'Compressed' for the whole description to fit.

The main screens that define what is printed on the label are pages 2 and 4, and these are configured as follows:

Configuration Screens

General 2 (Page 2 of 5)

  • "Text Line 1-10" allow you to enter fixed text that will appear on the label, for example your Company Name or telephone number.
  • "User Date" can be added to print the date you are logged into Platinum with. Setting "Format" to 'N' will print a date in the format '01/01/2012', 'T' will print the date in the format 'Monday, 1st January 2012'.

Order Processing (Page 4 of 5)

The variables on this page can be set to show items relevant to the sales or purchase order.

  • "O.P.Reference" - The position and style of the Order Reference.
  • "Your Order No." - The position and style of Your Order Number.
  • "Their Order No." - The position and style of Their Order Number.
  • "Account Code" - The position and style of the Customer or Supplier Account Code.
  • "Del.Addr.Line 1-5" - The position and style of the Delivery Address lines from the order.

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