How do I Create Non-Moving Items?

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The following article explains how to create a part number for a non-moving item e.g. to sell Road Fund Licence, First Registration Fee or Carriage.

More Information

Items classed as Non-Moving retain stock history to allow you to track the sales which have taken place but their stock level remains unchanged.

Their sale will generate a sale value in your accounting system but there will be no cost of sale posting for non-moving items.

You should create the stock code as normal following the instructions in the Creating a Stock Item article. The additional instructions below explain how to specify an item as Non-Moving.

  • Click on the [Invoicing] tab.
  • Set the "Update quantity?" flag to 'No'.
Ensure that when posting purchase invoices for non-moving items, where relevant, you post the value direct to a suitable Purchase Centre that links to a Profit & Loss Centre.

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