How do I create a hire price plan?

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The following article explains how to create a hire price plan in the Booking and Hire module.

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Price plans are used to automate the price for booking hire items in the Booking and Hire module. Each price plan created should be designed to be used by a hire item or a specific group of hire items that have the same pricing regime. You should have these hire items in mind when entering the prices into the price plan. It is considered best practice to assign a price plan to a hire item type; this way, all hire items of this type will use this plan by default.

Creating a Price Plan

  • Go to " Booking and Hire Maintenance Options Hire Price Maintenance Add or Edit Price Plans".
  • Press <F6> or click [Add].
  • At "Name:", enter a suitably descriptive name for the price plan e.g. 'Plant Hire', 'Electric Pitch' etc.
  • Move to the "Plan" box; here you will see a list with column headings for each of your defined rates and a line for each of your defined seasons (or a single line if your business does not use seasonal pricing).
  • In each list cell, enter the nett price for hiring the item or item type which would fall into the descriptive name you have specified for the given period of time during the given season, e.g. for 'Electric Pitch' you would think about the prices to charge for hire items that have been created for pitches with an electric hook up.
You must enter the nett price because at this stage the V.A.T. rate is unknown.
  • If you do not want to specify a default price for a rate or season, you can leave the price in the list cell at '0.00'.
  • Once you have finished, press [Done] and [Accept] the changes.

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