How do I Create a New Task in Tasks Outstanding?

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This article explains how to create a new task in your Personnel Planning system.

More Information

Tasks Outstanding can be used to record a wide variety of information, such as;

  • Messages or questions from customers/suppliers/other staff members.
  • Reminders of jobs to be done.
  • Notes to yourself.
  • Reminders to make telephone calls etc.

Go to " Personnel Planning Tasks Outstanding".

  • On the "Employee" field press <F6>.
  • Select the task "Type" e.g. 'TEL' for Telephone Call. This field is not mandatory.
You may add new task types by clicking [Add] from the drop down and entering a code and description.
  • On the "Account" field, select 'S' or 'P' for Sales or Purchase Ledger Accounts, and then enter in the account code, or search for a customer or supplier.
You may also add a new account at this stage by clicking [Add] when in the search screen. See Creating a new customer or supplier.
  • Enter the "Employee" the task is for. You may use <Ctrl+F1> to search for their employee code. If they are a new employee they must have first been added to the system - see How do I set up a new user?.
  • Enter the task details in the "Description" section. If you need more room you may continue typing in the [Notes] tab.
  • If you wish to change the date of the task, click into the "Task Date" field and alter accordingly.
  • If you wish to set a deadline for when this task needs to be completed by, click into the "Deadline" field and enter the appropriate date
  • If you wish to make this task a private task so only the employee it is logged against can see it, place a Tick in the "Private" field.
  • Click [Done] and [Accept] to save the task.
When an employee logs in to Platinum any unread messages will be listed on screen to prompt them to read them.

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