How do I customise pricing in Booking & Hire?

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The following article explains how to automate and customise pricing in the Booking and Hire module.

More Information

Prices in Booking and Hire are maintained and automated using "Price Plans". Price plans can be assigned to hire items or hire item types. When a hire item is booked or enquired about, the price plan is used to calculate the price automatically.


Before you can create a price plan, you must first enter some background information about the business.

  • The periods of time used to calculate booking prices must be defined.
  • If prices for the business fluctuate depending on the time of year, you will need to create the different pricing "Seasons" and define when they occur.

Creating a Price Plan

Once the setup process is complete, you can start creating price plans.

Assigning a Price Plan

Once you have created a price plan, you can assign it to a hire item or a hire item type so it can be used during a customer booking.

Special Offers

Occasionally, it might be necessary to offer a special price for booking a hire item.

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