How do I Print a List of all my Unreceived Purchase Orders

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The following article explains how to print a list of all orders on your system that have an unreceived amount on them.

More Information

Go to " Purchase Order Processing Order Reports Purchase Order Reports Orders in Progress".

This will print a report for all live orders and shows the following:

Ord No Code Acc Name                Stk Code  Stk Desc         Qty Received Not Rec.
1235        POP001 Unalloc Ord Acc  TP 1      Test Part One      1   50.00
                                    TP 2      Test Part Two      1   50.00
                                    TP 3      Test Part Three    1           50.00

Additional Information

If you want to restrict the range of the report, go to " Purchase Ordering Order Reports Purchase Order Reports Alter Range of Reports".

From here you can set ranges for the following items:

  • Account Start\End
  • Group (Account Group)
  • Stock Start\End
  • Group (Stock Group)
  • Depot Start\End
  • Value of Orders Over

Choose the ranges that are appropriate for the report you want, and then press <Esc> to exit from here, and then select the report that you want. The ranges that you have chosen will be applied to any of the reports that you run.

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