How do I produce a security invoice?

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This article explains how to produce a security invoice in the case of damage or loss of the hire item(s).

More Information

Go to " Booking and Hire Add or Edit Customer Bookings".

  • Enter a date range to cover the period of the booking or click "Search" to view all current bookings.
    • You may click [Advanced] to search for bookings for a specific customer, hire item or status.
  • Select the booking and click [Edit].
  • Under the "Security" section, to the right of your screen, click [Invoice].
  • If prompted, enter your "Employee Code" or "Password" and click [OK].
The standard text can be configured per hire item type.
  • You may enter additional text or remove unwanted text.
    • Press <Shift+F10> to insert a line or <F10> to delete a line.
  • Click [Next].

The invoice details are summarised on the right of the screen. The amount charged will be the Security Deposit placed at time of hire.

  • Click [Print] to produce the invoice.
  • Check the details are correct. If you require an additional copy, click [Reprint].
  • Click [Accept] to save the invoice.

You will be returned to the customer booking.

  • The "Security document" details, in the middle of the screen, will display the "Invoice No".

Click [Done] or [Exit].

Please see How do I take a payment for a security invoice?.

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