How do I Return Faulty Items?

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This article explains how to return items to a supplier.

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Creating the returns Purchase Order

Go to " Purchase Order Processing Add/Edit/Process Purch. Orders".

  • Enter the supplier account code, or search for the supplier.
  • Press <F6> or click [Add] to create a new order.
  • Enter the supplier's returns number into the "Supp O/No" field. If there is no returns number, enter the name of the person to whom you spoke when notifying the supplier of the return.
  • Press <Esc> to start adding items to the order.
  • On "Stock Code", enter the code of the item to be returned.
  • On "Quantity", enter the number of items to be returned to the supplier as a negative figure. For example, if 4 need to be returned, then enter '-4'.
  • Repeat this process until all items have been entered which need to be returned to the supplier.
  • Move the cursor to the left of the last part number in the list.
  • Press <A> to tag all the items in the list being sent back to the supplier.
Make sure you check that the price, quantity and part number are correct.
  • Press <F4> to "receive" the lines on the order, which in effect will reduce your stock by the quantity shown. Receiving a negative quantity will book the items out of stock.
  • Press <Enter> on the "Tagged Items Found" window.
  • Press the [Receive] button and enter the supplier 'Returns number' or a 'meaningful comment'.
  • The system will print a Goods Received Note, which should be kept until the goods are collected or sent back. Once this has happened, the paperwork should be given to accounts, along with proof of postage or carrier's note.
The supplier may replace the items rather than send you a credit note, in which case you will need to add the items being replaced with positive quantities to this returns purchase order, and receive the items when they arrive in the normal way.

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