How do I Search for a Sales Order?

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The following article explains how to search for a sales order.

This process can also be followed when searching for a purchase order in the Purchase Order Processing module.

More Information

Go to " Order Processing Sales Order Processing Add/Edit/Process Sales Orders".

  • From the "Customer:" field, press <F9> or the [Advanced] button.
  • The "Order Search" window is shown, and you can find the order that you want using any one or combination of the fields shown.
Be selective about the fields that you use - you do not have to fill in every single one here! For example, entering a date range of when the order was placed might be your best search option. In this instance, only enter a 'From Order Date:' and a 'To Order Date:', and leave the rest of the fields blank.
    • "Deposit Receipt:" If you took a deposit from the customer and they have the deposit receipt, you can use the receipt number to search for the order.
    • "Status:" Use this field to find all orders of a particular status.
    • "Reference:" All Sales Orders are badged with a reference. Use this to search.
    • "Your Order No.:" Enter the Order Number for which to search.
    • "Their Order No.:" Enter the Customer's Order Number for which to search.
    • "From Order Date:" If you know roughly when the order was placed, enter the earliest date here.
    • "To Order Date:" As with "From Order Date:", enter the latest date here.
    • "Account:" Enter the customer for whom to search.
    • Press <F2> to search for the order.
    • The relevant orders will be shown. Edit or process it as normal.
You can also refine your search using details about the items on the orders. Click on the [Item Filter] tab at the top of the window, and choose the items that you want to use from the ranges shown. As with the [Order Search] fields, you do not need to use all of these items - be selective!

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