How do I Sell Batched Stock Lines?

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This article explains how to select the batch or batches from which to take stock when selling batched stock lines.

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When an item only holds stock in a single batch, the system will automatically deduct stock from this batch.

If an item has multiple batches, you will be prompted to choose the batch or batches from which to take the stock.

Selecting a Batch

Book out your stock via the appropriate program, e.g. " Stock Control Invoicing & Customer Orders", " Stock Control Point of Sale" or " Sales Ordering Add/Edit/Process Sales Orders".

At the point the stock is booked out, which will vary depending on the program used and your system settings, you will be prompted to select the batch from which to book stock out.

  • The [Batch Selection] screen will display the "Stock" item with which you are currently dealing.
  • Enter the batch number or press <F1> or <Shift+F1> to scroll through the batches associated with the stock item at that depot.
  • Alternatively press <Ctrl+F1> to list all batches for that item.
    • Use your arrow keys to move down the list to select the batch.
    • Press <F2>.
  • Check the "Quantity to Use" is the quantity to deduct from this batch then press <Enter>.

If you need to deduct stock from multiple batches, you will be prompted to enter another batch for the same stock item. Repeat the process described above.

Repeat the steps to specify the batches from which to deduct stock for each item being booked out.

Once all stock has been processed, you will continue as normal i.e. the receipt will print, you will exit the order etc.

Dealing with Negative Batch Warning

If you do not have a batch from which to take stock, you will need to create a new batch by pressing <Shift+F10>.

  • Enter the batch number or press <F2> to use the next automatic number.
    • Enter a "Description" or note for the batch, e.g. any additional sequence numbers. If you do not have any notes to add, simply repeat the batch number as you will be unable to save the record without entering some text here.
    • Press <Esc> and [Accept].
  • Enter the quantity you are selling in "Quantity to use".
  • Press <Esc>. You will be warned that the batch quantity will be left with a negative balance. Click [Yes] to continue.

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