How do I Set up Statuses for Sales Orders?

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This article will explain how to create and assign Statuses for Sales Orders.

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Creating a New Status

Go to " Sales Order Processing Maintenance Options Add or Edit Statuses". This will bring up a search function for the current Sales Order Statuses in Platinum.

  • First search for the status that you want to create to make sure that it is not already in the system. To do this, enter the name of the status in the "Filter on:" and press <F2> or click [Search].
If the Status appears in the list you can ignore the steps below, and use the status immediately. If a screen prompt appears saying "No matching items found", you will need to create the status following the next few steps.
  • Click the [OK] button on the "No matching items found" message.
  • Click the [Add] button or press <F6> to create a new Status.
  • In the "Sales order status:", type a three digit code for the status you wish to add, then press <Enter> e.g. 'ORD'.
  • In the "Description" type a description for the new status. e.g. 'Parts Ordered'.
  • Click on the [Settings] tab to give a colour to the status text. Click onto the "Foreground:" field and press the <Down Arrow> to cycle through the different colours, from numbers 1 to 16.
  • When you have the colour you want, press <Esc> and click the [Accept] Button.

Applying a Status to a Order

Go to " Sales Ordering Add or Edit Sales Order".

  • Enter the customer account code, or search for the customer. Press<Enter>.
  • Select the order to which to apply the status.
  • Press <F5> to edit the Order Properties.
  • Move to the "Stat:" field.
  • Either type the 'Status Code:' or press <Ctrl+F1> to search for the 'Status Code'.
  • Press <Esc> to complete the process. The Order will be shown in the colour that you selected when you set up the status.

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