How do I Split an Order Item?

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This article will explain how to split an order item so that you can either book out or receive the correct quantity.

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When you receive an order from a supplier, or book out an order for a customer, sometimes the full quantity of one or more of the order items may not be received or available. Where the order is on a "supply or back order" basis, you will need to split the item into two lines, so that you can receive or book out the correct quantity, and retain the quantity that is outstanding. This is likely to be more common with Purchase Orders than with Sales Orders, but the principle is the same.

The total quantity of the order item will be the same as it was before the split, but there will be two separate lines which may be processed separately. If you work on a "supply and cancel" basis, where any quantity that is not available is written off, then there is no need to split the item - you can just edit the quantity.

Purchase Order Processing

Go to " Purchase Order Processing Add/Edit/Process Purch. Orders".

  • Enter the supplier 'Account Code', or search for the supplier in the "Supplier:" field.
  • Select the order to process.
  • Press <F7> to go to the order items.
  • Use the cursor keys or mouse to move to the item to split.
    • Press <Shift+F7> to bring up the "Split Order Item Quantity" screen.
    • The system will show the 'original' quantity of the item ordered.
    • In the "Split Quantity:", enter the 'quantity' that you have actually received. The remaining quantity will appear as a separate order item at the end of the order.

Sales Order Processing

Go to " Sales Order Processing Add or Edit Sales Orders".

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