How do I take a deposit for a customer booking?

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The following article explains how to take booking and security deposits for a customer booking.

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Booking deposits are deposits that are taken to confirm a customer booking and reserve the hire item(s) for the customer. These deposits are normally used as partial payment towards the booking invoice.
Security deposits are deposits that are taken in case of damage or loss of the hire item(s) during the booked period. These deposits are normally refunded on return of the hire item(s).

Taking A Deposit

Go to " Booking and Hire Add or Edit Customer Bookings".

  • Search for the customer booking for which you would like to take a deposit.
    • Optionally narrow down the search by entering the date of the customer booking at "Date from:" and "to:".
    • Press the [Search] button.
    • Highlight the customer booking for which you want to take a deposit on the list.
    • Press the [Edit] button.
  • Once inside "Customer Booking Properties", press the [Take] button which is located within the "Deposits" box.
  • If you are taking a booking deposit, stay on the "Booking Deposit" page; otherwise if you are taking a security deposit, move to the "Security Deposit" page.
  • At "Comment:", enter a suitable description of the deposit being taken.
  • In the "Payment centres" box, enter the amount you want to take as the deposit next to the description of the payment method being used.
If you have set up default deposit amounts for the hire items on the customer booking, then press the appropriate button next to the description of the payment method to set the amount to this default.
  • Press the [Done] button and [Accept] the changes to take the deposit.
  • Once you have returned to "Customer Booking Properties", you will see that the value of the deposit "Taken:" will have changed to reflect the deposit that has just been taken.

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