How do I Un-Receive an Purchase Order Item?

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The following article explains how you un-receive items on a purchase order.

More Information

There may be instances where you need to un-receive an item on a purchase order.

If you receive an item by mistake.

Go to " Purchase Order Processing Add/Edit/Process Purch. Orders".

  • Enter the supplier account code, or search for the supplier.
  • In the list of orders shown, cursor to the order you need to edit and then press <F5> or click <Edit> to go into the order.
  • Select the [Items] tab.
  • Cursor down to the line of the item you wish to un-receive.
  • Press <T> to tag the line.
  • Press <F4> or click the [Receive] flag.
  • On the dialogue box that pops up, click [OK] and then <Unreceive>. An asterix will appear underneath the "RE" column on the right hand side of the screen, and the item will be booked back out of stock.
  • In the "Notes:" field, enter some brief notes as to why you are un-receiving the item.
  • The system will produce a goods received note to show that the item has been un-received.

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