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This article explains how the Sales Ordering Link works and how you could use it effectively.

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When a customer places an order for an item you should be creating a backorder for this as per the instructions here. When the purchase order for this item is then received into stock the system can show you a list of the available Sales Orders that can now be processed on the Sales Ordering Link.

The suggested practices may not be applicable or suitable to your operating methods.

Enabling Sales Ordering Link

Go to " Reports & Settings Maintenance Options System Administrator Platinum Settings" and search for 'sales ordering'.

  • Select "Sales Ordering" and click [Edit].
  • Change the value to 'Yes' then click [OK].
  • Click [Done] and [Accept].

If you wish to make use of the feature to send SMS messages to customers when items become available please follow the below steps: Exit back to the " System Administrator" menu.

  • Select [Security & Print Configuration]
  • Arrow key down to the bottom of the list where you may make an entry
  • At "SXP" enter 'OP74'.
  • Move across to the final two columns headed "Print Records" and enter '93' in both fields. This defaults the correct SMS print record which is required to send SMS messages.
  • Press <Esc> to exit. Changes are saved automatically
If you are warned this is a duplicate program please find the program in the list and ensurfe the print records are set to 93.

Using the Sales Ordering Link

When a purchase order has been received, containing items that have been backordered for a customer or Workshop Job, as you exit out of Purchase Order Processing, the "Sales Ordering Link" window will open up.

This screen will show you a list of the items that can now be dealt with.

These will be sorted by order date and will show the oldest order at the top, however you can re-arrange the list by clicking on any of the column headings.

This screen provides the following information -

  • "Date" - The date the goods were ordered.
  • "Reference" - The reference.
  • "Stock" - Stock Code of the item in question.
  • "Qty" - The Quantity ordered.
  • "Pri" - The Priority of the item.
  • "Requires" - The next process which needs to be completed for this item.
  • "Avail." - Whether the item is available to be supplied. If there are multiple customers that have ordered the same item the system will take account of the order date and priority to calculate which orders can be fulfilled depending on the quantity of items received into stock.
  • "SMS" - Indicates if you have already sent an SMS message to the customer regarding the item.

Using the Link for Point of Sale Backorders

If you are using Point of Sale as your main sales system then you should use the Sales Ordering Link ONLY as a method to send an SMS Message to the customer to inform them that their item(s) have arrived.

The Point of Sale Backorders should have a reference of the customer's contact number and their name if you did not change the reference when the order was created.

  • Click on the item line for which you want to send a message to the customer, and you will see the customer's account details in the top half of the screen.
  • Click the [SMS Item] button to send an SMS message to the customer informing them of their item's arrival.
  • The item should then be put in a suitable location and labelled to identify the customer it belongs to.
  • When the customer collects their item the sale can be completed as per the instructions here.
Do not use the [Complete] or [Process] if you are using Point of Sale for your backorders. This will prevent you from retrieving the items into Point of Sale.

Using the Link for Workshop Items

When items are added to a workshop job which are not in stock the system can create the purchase order for these parts as per the instructions here.

When the Sales Ordering Link window appears if there are any any items which belong to a workshop job they should have a reference of 'Job <Job Number> <Customer Name>'.

  • Click on the item line you want to process and if the "Avail." column is 'Y' you may click [Complete].
  • This will book the item out of stock and update the workshop job, so there is no need to go and book it separately onto the workshop job.
  • The item should then be put in a suitable location and labelled to identify the workshop job it is for.
Please note this option does not allow the system to detect price changes between the item being ordered for the job and it being received. This will not usually affect retail work but may have an impact on internal work where the retail price is based on the item cost price.

Using the Link for Sales Ordering

If you are using the Sales Ordering side of Platinum, whether it's for Webshop Orders, eBay Integration or phone orders, the Sales Ordering Link can be used to process these orders as you would normally.

  • Click on the item line you want to process and the "Avail." column is 'Y' and click [Process].
  • You can then process the items as you would normally.
  • Alternatively from the Sales Ordering Link screen when you have an item selected you can press the [Complete] button, which will book the item out to the customer.
  • The item should then be put in a suitable location and labelled to identify the customer and order it is for.
    • If the "Requires" column says 'Picking' next to the item this means the picking list needs to be printed. Clicking the [Complete] button will skip this process and mark the item on the sales order to say the picking list stage has been completed.

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