How do I View Order History?

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This article explains how to view the history of completed Sales and Purchase orders. This can be useful if you need to find when an item was delivered to a customer or the delivery note number attached to an order.

More Information

Once a purchase or sales order is completed it is moved into the order history and will not be visible from the normal order processing screen.

  • To view the history of these completed orders, go to " Sales Order Processing Order Reports Order History Reports" or " Purchase Order Processing Order Reports Order History Reports".
  • From here you can complete as many of the fields as you require to limit down the results of the search. If you want to search through any of the notes attached to an order or the items on the order then you can enter this in the "Filter on" field.
  • Once you have entered the necessary filters click [Start].
  • The report will show you the details of each item that meets the filters you have entered, with the basic item details in the top half and the order information in the bottom half.
  • If any of the items on your order had notes attached to them you will see the "General Notes" box is ticked at the bottom, either click on this or press <Ctrl+F8> to see these notes.

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