How do I allocate a payment to an invoice?

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This article will explain how to allocate a payment to an invoice.

More Information

Go to " Sales Ledger Receipts" or " Purchase Ledger Payments".

  • Enter the "Customer" or "Supplier"
  • Move to the Invoice that you want to allocate the payment to and either press <F> for Full if the whole balance is being settled else enter the amount to mark as paid.
  • Move to the Payment that you want to allocate and press <F> for Full or enter the amount to use (make sure you enter a minus).
The amount shown in the bottom right of the screen should equal zero.
  • Click[Done].
  • In the "Cheque no./Comment:", enter 'Allocated' and the invoice number.
  • For the "Payment centre" enter 'Z990' - Suspense Account.
  • Click [Done] and [Accept].

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