How do I cancel a customer booking?

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This article explains how to cancel a customer booking.

More Information

Setting a Cancel Status

To set the cancel status:

  • Go to " Reports & Settings Maintenance Options System Administrator Module Settings Booking and Hire Module Settings".
  • Scroll down to the "Customer Bookings" section.
  • Find the "Default cancelled status:" and enter the status to set once a booking has been cancelled.
If you do not want to use the cancel booking feature then blank out this status.

Cancelling a Booking

Go to " Booking and Hire Add or Edit Customer Bookings".

  • Enter a date range to cover the period of the booking or click "Search" to view all current bookings.
    • You may click [Advanced] to search for bookings for a specific customer, hire item or status.
  • Select the customer booking on the list and click [Edit].
  • Press <Alt+F8> or the [Cancel booking] button.
Only customer bookings that have not had an invoice produced can be cancelled in this way.
  • If any deposits have been taken, you will be asked whether you want to [Refund] any or [Leave] them and proceed with the cancellation.
  • If you are refunding:
    • Refund the deposits and [Accept] the changes.
    • Confirm that you want to proceed with the cancellation.

Once the cancellation has gone through, the status will be changed to the cancel status and the hire items for the booking will be removed, freeing them up for other bookings.

You may wish to manually record the items in the [Notes] tab of the booking, prior to cancelling the booking.
  • Click [Done] and [Accept] the changes to confirm the cancellation of the booking.

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