How do I change the method of payment after it has been posted?

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This article explains how to amend the centre a payment has been posted to e.g. Cash, Cheque or Credit Card.

More Information

Occasionally a payment may be allocated to the wrong payment method e.g. Cash instead of Card. This usually shows up when balancing the daily takings report to the till.

This procedure allows you to correct these mistakes.

The ability to edit transactions is limited to users with the "Adjust transactions" user permission set to 'Yes'. You can find out how to set user permissions here.

Go into " Sales Ledger/Purchase Ledger Customer/Supplier History".

  • At "Account:" enter the code of the customer or supplier account.
  • Highlight the transaction you want to correct on the list.
  • Press [Edit] or <Ctrl+F2> to edit the transaction.
  • Amend the centre then click [Done] and [Accept].
  • You can also edit these fields:
    • "Centre:"
    • "Analysis:"
    • "Comment:"
    • "Cleardown Hold:"
    • "Site:"
This option is only allowed if the transactions have not been processed through a month end.

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