How do I check for stock supersessions when ordering?

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This article explains how to check whether parts you have ordered have been superseded, and if they have, how to find and enter the correct part.

More Information

Go to " Purchase Order Processing Add/Edit/Process Purch. Orders".

  • Enter the relevant account code and press <Enter>.
  • Go to the order you wish to check and press <F7>.
  • Arrow key to or click on the line you want to check, then move onto the "Stock Code" column and press <Shift+F5>. This will then display any supersessions of this item.
  • Pick the one that you want to order.
If you get a message saying 'No Matching Items found', this means there are no supersessions stored for that part number.
Supersessions will automatically be checked if you manually enter stock on your order. The above applies mainly to checking after the order has been created.

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