How do I choose how to contact a customer through the Retention Centre?

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This article will explain how to set the media contact preference for a customer when sending them actions from the " Retention Centre".

More Information

The " Retention Centre" is a hub to automate and simplify regular actions required to maintain good customer relations. As such you can specify how you contact the customer whether it be by email, SMS or via regular letter.

Configuring Customer Media Type

It is possible to Configure Retention Media Preference for an action in the " Retention Centre" which works as a default, but it can be overwritten for customers on an individual basis.

To set the media type for a customer, go to " Sales Ledger Customer File Maintenance Add or Edit Customers".

  • On "Search on:" enter in the customer's name or 'Account Code'.
  • Click [Edit] or press <F5> to edit the Customer.
  • Click on the [Attributes] tab.
  • Click on "Marketing" in the "Category" column.
    • Then double click on either:
      • 'Contact Preference Email' - If the customer preference is for Email.
      • 'Contact Preference Mail' - If the customer preference is for Letter.
      • 'Contact Preference SMS' - If the customer preference is for SMS.
  • Press <Esc> or click [Done].
  • Click on [Accept] to save the changes made.
As mentioned before this will overwrite the defaults set on the settings against the " Retention Centre" actions.

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