How do I configure stock availability on my ecommerce website?

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This article explains how the display of stock availability on your website can be controlled.

This article is only applicable to users who have a Catalyst Platinum O+ ecommerce store. If you are interested in advertising your stock on-line please Contact your Platinum dealer or our sales team on 0116 230 1500 or by using our website sales contact page for more information

More Information

  • To configure stock availability on your website log in to [Platinum Online].

This will take you to Platinum Online.

  • Click the menu icon in the top-left corner of the page to open the menu, or swipe from left to right if you are using a mobile device or tablet, and go to " Administration eCommerce Manage Account Levels".

Select the level of account you want to view or amend from the list (see How do I set up account levels on my ecommerce website?) and then choose one of the following options:

  • "Hide all stock levels": Stock availability will not be displayed in the online store.
  • "Hide zero stock levels": Stock quantity available will be calculated as quantity in stock minus quantity on pending sales orders. If this is zero (or below) then stock availability will not be displayed, otherwise the store will display for example '3 in stock'.
  • "Show all stock levels": Stock quantity available will be calculated as quantity in stock minus quantity on pending sales orders, and will be displayed as, for example '3 in stock' or '0 in stock'.
  • "Show result of stock formula": (If you have the Web Daemon): A Stock Formula in Platinum will be calculated and its result displayed. This allows you to customise what is displayed to your liking. To use a stock formula, create it in Platinum and then enter its code here:
    • Go to " Stock Control Reordering Add or Edit Formulae Formula Amendments".
    • Enter a new "Formula Code", for example 'WEB1'.
    • Enter a "Formula Description", for example 'Web Availability'.
    • Enter a formula that results in the text to display on your store, for example:

IF S-A-Q1 >= 0 THEN "In stock" ELSE "Call for availability"

This means:

    • S
      is the current quantity in stock,
      is the quantity on pending sales orders,
      is the quantity the online buyer has in their basket (or 1 if they have not added it to their basket yet).

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