How do I create a customer turnover report?

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If you are keen to start creating your own reports, this article guides you through creating a very simple Customer Turnover report.

More Information

The Report Generator in Platinum is a very useful and powerful tool. Please Contact your Platinum dealer or our sales team on 0116 230 1500 or by using our website sales contact page who will be pleased to advise you on upcoming training course dates and availability.

Creating a Report

These instructions will guide you through creating a simple Customer Turnover list.

Go to " Sales Ledger Sales Reports Accounts Report Generator".

  • Add a new report.

Follow the sections below in order:

Sort Order

See this article for more information on creating the sort order.

Enter these variables:

  • 'A01' - Ledger Code.
  • 'A09' - Account Turnover.
    • Move across to "Width". Amend the value shown to be '-8.2'.
    • Amend the "Dir" to 'R'. This will ensure the report produces information to show the account with the highest turnover value at the top of the report.
  • 'A02' - Account Code.

Press <Esc> to return the report menu.

Range Filter (1)

See this article for more information on creating the ranges.

  • Enter 'A01'- Ledger Code.
    • Press <Enter> twice to move across to the "Limit/Comparison" column.
    • Enter 'S' to specify Sales Accounts only.
    • Press <Enter> to move through the remaining columns until you are on the next row.
  • Enter 'A09' - Account Turnover.
    • Press <Enter> to move to the "Op" column.
    • Enter '>'. In this case we are using Greater Than.
    • Press <Enter> to move across to the "Limit/Comparison" column.
    • The value should be set at 0.00. The report will only include customers with a turnover balance exceeding zero.

Press <Esc> to return the report menu.

Column Details

  • Press <F2> to create the first column.
  • At "File Var.", enter 'A02' - Account Code.
    • Press <Enter> then <Esc> and [Accept] the column.
  • Press <F2> to create the next column.
The system will automatically enter the position at which the column will be printed. It uses the previous column position plus that column's width plus 1 to allow for a space.

Repeat the process above for these variables:

  • Enter 'A03' - Account Name.
  • Enter 'A09' - Account Turnover.
    • Move down to the "Before" field.
    • Set the value to '08' - this will ensure the total of the report has enough decimal places to display values exceeding 999,999.99
    • Use the <arrow keys> or <Tab> key to move across to the "Groups" section.
    • Under 'O' change 'N' to 'T'.
The system will automatically create a totals section at the bottom of the report. It will contain a formula which will total the turnover column for you.
  • Press <Enter> then <Esc> and [Accept] the column.

Output Options

Specify how you wish to Output the report.

Saving the Report

When you have completed your report, click [Finish Editing] and click [Accept].

Having created this report you may wish to be brave and amend it to suit your purpose! See Modifying a report generator system report for instructions on how to copy a report.

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