How do I create a hire item?

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The following article explains how to create or amend a hire item in the Booking and Hire module.

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Units: Unit is a general term used to cover all types of vehicle and machinery, including items such as motorcycles, scooters, cars, trucks, vans, caravans, motorhomes, boats, tractors, ATVs, agricultural equipment, wholegoods and construction equipment.

Go to " Booking and Hire Maintenance Options Add or Edit Hire Items".

  • Press the [Add] button.
  • At "Name:", enter a unique name that describes the item that can be hired.
  • At "Type:", enter the code of the hire item type to which the hire item you are creating belongs. You can find out more about hire item types here.
  • Hire item types can be linked to Stock Control and Unit Sales items:
    • If linked to Stock Control, at "Stock code:", enter the stock code of the hire item.
    • If linked to Unit Sales, at "Unit:", enter the unit stock number of the hire item.
Each unit can only be linked to one hire item.
  • At "Price plan:", enter the name of the price plan to be used when this hire item is booked or enquired about.
  • At "Status:", optionally enter a status that represents the condition or availability of the hire item. You can find out more about hire item statuses here.
  • Press the [Done] button and [Accept] the changes to create the hire item.

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