How do I dispatch sales orders via a shipping service?

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This article explains how to use the additional fields which become available when Platinum is linked to a shipping service.

More Information

If you choose to dispatch orders using a shipping service, additional options will appear when using " Sales Order Processing Order Dispatch".

Available services are described in Shipping Service Links.

Intelligent Shipper (Intersoft)

Having entered the details for the dispatch process and specified a carrier linked to Intelligent Shipper, you will be required to enter the following additional information.


This information is taken from your " Reports & Settings Maintenance Options System Administrator Platinum Settings Reports & Settings Company Details", or where relevant " Reports & Settings Maintenance Options System Administrator Add or Edit Sites"[Details].

As Platinum has no strict rules as to which lines of the address signify the "City" and "Postcode" you may need to nominate which these are the first time you use this facility.

  • On the "City", if using, press <Shift+F3>.
  • On the "Postcode", press <F3>.

Your choices will be remembered for future use.


This information is defaulted from the delivery address for the first order in the delivery and the sales account details. Platinum will attempt to detect the "City" and "Postcode" lines in the address but, if not evident, you may need to specify these using the functions keys described above.


This indicates how you want the delivery to be sent, together with information that may be required by customs.

  • "Service code" - Platinum's three character equivalent to Intelligent Shipper's Service code, which may be up to four characters. Click the dropdown arrow or press <Ctrl+F1> to select the relevant service from the list provided.
  • "Service level" - Defaulted from the [Settings] on the "Service code". Adjust to suit.
  • "Service format" - Intelligent Shipper Service Format for the delivery.
  • "Description" - A brief description of the goods in the delivery.
  • "Currency" - Currency used to price the items making up the delivery.
  • "Value" - Total value of the delivery.


When you select [Dispatch] to submit an order for Intelligent Shipper some additional checking will be performed. If no issues are found, the delivery will be uploaded for "Creation", which retrieves information concerning which carrier has been allocated as well as any shipping labels.

The invoice process described in this article will then be carried out.

The delivery will transition to the 'Pending' state and be shown on the [Deliveries] tab where you can process it further.

Deliveries tab

This tab shows deliveries in progress and completed. You can specify which using the "Delivery status" dropdown at the top.

  • 'All' shows both 'Pending' and 'In Progress' deliveries.
  • 'Pending' shows deliveries which have been submitted to the shipping service and require confirmation, typically after being labelled up and preparing for pickup by the courier. They may also be cancelled at this stage if needed.
  • 'Completed' deliveries are omitted from the "All" option as they are usually only useful for reference.

The options on the right of the screen relate to the order highlighted. Depending on the orders progress, options are available as described below:

  • [Label] accesses shipping labels and any other media stored against the delivery for printing. You will need to ensure you have the correct printer and label size in place to produce shipping labels.
  • [Confirm] transmits confirmation to the shipping service that the delivery is ready for pickup.
  • [Cancel] cancels the delivery with the shipping service, purging any delivery information and relevant media stored against the order and order items.
  • 'In progress' shows deliveries in transit. If the shipping service supports tracking information that may be accessed at this stage.
    • [Tracking] retrieves tracking information for the delivery or for each individual package, depending on the shipping service.
    • [Complete] confirms you are happy the delivery has been completed and adjusts the status accordingly.

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