How do I enter a report range?

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This article explains how to enter ranges for a report generator report.

More Information

The Range for a report defines the limits of what will be included.

Examples of how you might set your ranges could include just a single date or range of dates, a range of customers or suppliers or any other item that takes your fancy!

There are three levels of ranges - see Why are there three report ranges? to understand the purpose of this.

Entering a Range

  • Edit the report and go to " Range Filter (1)".



  • Enter the variables on which you want to range your report. You can search for the appropriate and available variables using the "Help" function.


  • If your variable has parameters, enter the ones you want here.


  • Enter the "Op." that you want for this variable. This defines how you want the variable to be evaluated against the "Limit/Comparison" field.
For a list of Op. values, use the "Help" function on the field.


  • Enter the value for the variable on this line.


  • This field will only take the value of 'A' for And, or 'O' for Or. How you set this will depend on what you are trying to do with your report and the range or ranges that you are setting.
You will need to make sure that the logic of your filter is clear. For example, the same variable cannot be equal to one value AND equal to a second value in the range; it could however be equal to one value OR equal to a second value. Bear in mind though that an OR will split your range unless you put the variables being compared by the ORs in brackets.

Other options

There are three layouts that you can use for ranges.


The simple layout has the "variables" down the left hand side of the screen and the "AND/OR" down the right hand side. This works well if you are creating a simple report where "AND/OR" is always one setting and you don't use a lot of variables.

Detail Line Filter

  • Press <Shift+F6> to convert the line to a detail line filter.

This layout is more complicated to use as you have to select the variable from the search or know the code for the variable that you want, and you will have to choose the "AND/OR" option that you want. Brackets may also be appropriate if you are using "OR" in the filter.

Detail Filter

  • Press <F6> to convert this range into a detail filter.

This layout is an extension of the Detail Line Filter above but converts the whole range into a page to enter the variables and the operators that you want to use. For sophisticated reports where the range needs to cover a lot of options, this is the range layout to use.

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