How do I load a shadow part into the main parts file?

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The following article explains how to bring a part from the shadow file into your live stock file.

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Platinum has a live stock file and a shadow stock file. The shadow stock file contains complete manufacturer stock, while the live stock file contains the items that you have stocked. If you have shadow files installed on your Platinum system, there are several ways in which the stock records can be transferred into your live stock file.

In the stock code field in the relevant part of Platinum, type in the stock code you need. If it exists in the shadow file then you get a popup window. You now have 2 main options:

  • <Shift+F2> This option copies the stock item into your live stock file and closes the popup window.
  • <Shift+F5> This option copies the stock item to your live stock file and also lets you edit the item on the way in so you can add a group or location for example.

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