How do I process a customer booking?

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This article guides you through how to process a booking for a customer.

More Information

Bookings are made through " Booking and Hire Add or Edit Customer Bookings".

They can be made directly through this screen or via an enquiry.

New Bookings

Booking Details

Go to " Booking and Hire Add or Edit Customer Bookings".

  • Click [Add].
  • At "Customer" enter the first few letters of the customer name and press <Enter>.
You may create a booking without creating an account for a customer. However you must create an account for them before you may take a deposit and produce an invoice.
If you do not wish to create an account at this stage, click into the "Reference" field and enter their name and telephone number.
  • Enter the booking period in the "From" and "To" fields.
The start and end times will be populated by your system defaults. Amend the times only if this booking falls outside your normal hire period.

Booking Items

Click [Add] to start adding items to the booking.

  • Enter the item type or press <Ctrl+F1> to search.
    • Click [Search] and select the item type.
    • Click [Choose] to return to the booking.
  • Enter the hire item or stock item or alternatively, press <Ctrl+F1> to search for the item.
    • Click [Search] and select the item to add to the booking.
    • Click [Choose] to return to the booking.
  • If applicable, at "Quantity", enter the quantity of the booking item.
  • At "Nett Price" or "Gross Price", enter the price to either purchase or hire the item for the booking period.
If the hire item has an associated "Price Plan" then a default price will be automatically calculated for you. A description of the price can be found in the "Price description" column.
The [Booking Document] section above displays the Nett, VAT and Gross total for this booking.

Repeat this process to add all items that apply to this booking.

Taking a Deposit

To take a "Booking Deposit" and/or "Security Deposit", click [Take].

Choose the appropriate tab, either [Booking Deposit] or [Security Deposit].

  • Click the letter against the relevant payment method.
  • If the deposit amount has not been calculated for you, enter the value against the relevant payment method.
Deposit amounts are calculated based on the settings per booking item Type.

Click [Done] to return to the booking form.

Check you have completed all relevant details and click [Done].

Existing Bookings

To view or amend an existing booking, go to " Booking and Hire Add or Edit Customer Bookings".

  • Enter a date range to cover the period of the booking or click "Search" to view all current bookings.
    • You may click [Advanced] to search for bookings for a specific customer, hire item or status.
  • Select the booking and click [Edit].
  • Make any changes, e.g. to [Add] or [Remove] a booking item or [Take] a deposit.

When you have made your changes, click [Done].

Follow Up Processes

These articles will guide you through the follow up processes.

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