How do I produce a non-VAT invoice for a customer?

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This article explains how to create an invoice with no V.A.T. for a customer.

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One-off Invoices

Throughout Platinum, you can edit the V.A.T. rate when you are entering items to invoice, and for unusual circumstances, this is the easiest way to produce an invoice with no V.A.T.

Customers who should not be charged V.A.T.

This should be the exception rather than the rule for any customers in the United Kingdom, but will apply to customers in other EC Member States from whom you have a valid V.A.T. Registration Number, and any "internal" customers. You can check the validity of the number on the HMRC website.

Configuring a Customer in other EC Member State

This only applies to customers outside your home country!
Go to " Sales Ledger  Customer File Maintenance  Add or Edit Customers".
  • Search for the Customer, and then click [Edit].
  • Click on the [Invoicing] tab.
  • Enter 'Y' in the "EC Member?" field.
  • You MUST enter in the customer's 'VAT number' at the "V.A.T. Reg. No.:".
  • At the "V.A.T. Rate:", select '2 - Zero'.
  • Press <Esc>.
  • Click [Accept] to save the alterations.
Everything that you sell to this customer will be charged without V.A.T. You must also print the customer's V.A.T. Reg Number on the invoice. If your documents do not print this, please contact Software Support.

Configuring an Internal Customer

Please read How do I create an internal account?.

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