How do I set a default delivery address?

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You can set a default delivery address against a customer in the Sales Order Processing.

More Information

Orders use the default delivery address for the customer as its address. To set the default, follow the delivery address Amendment instructions in the usual way, but as part of the change, place a tick in the "Default" tick box. You can also un-tick a ticked box to set no default for a customer.

Default Setting

If there is no default delivery address for a customer, there is a system setting to decide what should happen. To set this setting :

Go to " Reports & Settings Maintenance Options System Administrator Platinum Settings" and search for 'delivery address'.

  • At the "Delivery or customer account address" enter either:
    • 'Customer' to use the customer's invoice address as the default.
    • 'Delivery' to set the delivery address blank.

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