How do I stop PDI's from appearing in the Retention Centre?

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This article will explain how you can stop PDI's from appearing in the " Retention Centre" and using this method, you can filter out other items you do not wish to appear in the " Retention Centre".

More Information

The " Retention Centre" is a hub to automate and simplify regular actions required to maintain good customer relations. As this is a convenient one-button click to process the actions decided by the system, you will want to filter out some of the "Actions Due" such as Pre Delivery Inspection's.

Creating a Filter for Specific Actions and Assigning it to the action

In order to stop certain "Actions Due" from appearing in the " Retention Centre", you will first need to create a filter for the action. To do this you will need to create either a Unit Sales, Reports & Settings or Workshop report generator report. In this example we will be stopping PDI jobs from appearing in the Workshop side of the " Retention Centre".

Go to " Reports & Settings Maintenance Options System Administrator Module Settings Workshop Retention Centre Settings".

  • Click on the "Action" that you wish to set-up a filter for.
  • Click on [Filter] or press <F7>.
  • Set the "Report system:" to 'Workshop'.
  • Set the "Report type:" to 'User'.
  • On "Report code:" press <Ctrl+F1>.
    • On the "Report Search" screen that pops up click on [Add] or press <F6>.
      • On "Report code:" enter a unique 3 digit code, for example 'PDI'.
      • On "Description:" enter a description for the report/filter, for example 'PDI Exclusion Filter'.
      • Press [OK] to save the report/filter and begin to create it.
        1. Click on [Sort Order].
          • Against "1" and under "Var." enter 'J01' which is our "Sort Variable".
          • Press <Esc>.
        2. Unlike creating a normal report. the " Retention Centre" deals with the "Range Filters" so now we need to click on [Column Details].
          • On "Row/Col No.:" press [F2].
          • Press <Enter> twice until the cursor is against "Column Type:" and enter 'T' and press <Enter>.
          • Against "Calculation:" enter 'IF J59{PDI}="Y" THEN "N" ELSE "Y"'.
            This means if the "Job Type Allocated" is 'PDI', output an "N", else output a "Y". This is the backbone of the filter. Anything you wish to filter out must be stamped as an "N".
          • Press <Esc> and click [Accept] the "Column Detail". Press <Esc> once more to return back to the previous menu.
        3. Click on [Output Options].
          • Set the "Style:" to 'F'.
          • Set the "Output:" to 'I'.
          • Press <Esc>to exit back to the previous menu.
        4. Click on [Finish Editing] and click on [Accept] to save the filter/report.
  • The "Report Code:" will now show 'PDI' and have the description of the filter/report to the right of it.
  • Click [Close].
If you want more than just one type of filter you will need to enter in a more complex formula but must ultimately end up with either a 'Y' or 'N' answer. This then indicates to the " Retention Centre" whether to output the "Action Due" ('Y') or not ('N').

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