How do I transfer items out of the POP Account?

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This article explains how to transfer items from the Unallocated Orders Account in the Purchase Order section of Platinum to the correct supplier.

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Occasionally, when running re-order reports etc, a stock item may go to the Unallocated Orders Account (POP001) rather than the relevant supplier if, for example, a supplier has not been set on a stock number.

Alternatively, you will need to carry out this process if your system setting "Order from Preferred Supplier" is set to 'No', meaning each time you back-order parts, they will go straight to the POP Account and you must then transfer them to the preferred supplier.

Go to " Purchase Order Processing Add/Edit/Process Purchase Orders".

  • In the "Account:" box, type 'POP001' and press <Enter>.
  • Move the cursor to the relevant Order No. and press <F7> to edit the order. The order number will normally include '99999999' in it, along with your depot code.
  • Move to the stock item you wish to transfer out and then move the cursor to the empty column to the left of the "Stock Code".
  • Press <T> to Tag the item(s) that you want to transfer out.
  • Press <Shift+F9> to bring up the "Transfer Purchase Items" window.
  • In the "Supplier", type the Account Code or name of the relevant supplier and press <Enter>.
  • Press <F2> at "Do you want to use the supplier's pricing?" and then press [Yes].
  • The item(s) you selected will be transferred to the relevant supplier and you can continue to process the purchase order on their account in the usual manner.
This process can be used whenever you want to transfer items from one purchase order to another - it is not specific to the 'POP001' account.

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