How is the recommended order quantity calculated?

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This article explains how the recommended order quantity in the Stock Control reordering calculated results screen are calculated.

More Information

Please see this article to explain how to use the Reordering option.

Recommended Order Quantity

Having run the Reordering report you will be shown a list of items to order on the [Confirm Calculated Results] screen.

The "Order" column displays the quantity to order per item.

  • This value is calculated using the following method:

If the Maximum Level is set:

Maximum Level - Projected Quantity.

If the Maximum Level is set to Zero:

Reorder Level - Projected Quantity.

The 'Projected Qty' column shows you the Quantity in Stock - Quantity on Sales Order + Quantity on Purchase Order.

If you are unsure how the Projected Quantity has been calculated click on the [Orders] button for the selected item. This will show all outstanding Sales and Purchase Orders for that item.

    • If you feel the value is incorrect you should check these orders and make the necessary corrections e.g. remove a duplicated Purchase Order, check with colleagues if an item has been ordered under the wrong part number, check if a customer has been sold a different item to that ordered for them etc.

Packing Quantities

When you click [Process] to either create the orders or move to the [Order Review] screen, the system will apply pack quantity settings for the item where relevant i.e. if the pack quantity is 10 and the recommended order quantity is 7, the system will increase the order quantity to 10.

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