How should I deal with takings?

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This article explains how to deal with your daily takings in your Platinum system.

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All money received from customers at point of sale must be entered onto the system on the same day otherwise the takings report will not reflect it. Taking time to enter the correct payment method is also important otherwise this all costs the accounts department valuable time, well in excess of the time it takes to get it right!

Front Counter

Go to " End of Day".

  • Print the "Daily Takings" Report.
  • Count the cash in the till and put the float back.
  • Remove the cheques and credit card receipts from the till.
  • Do a Day End on your credit card machine. The total takings by card will be shown.
  • Check the cash, cheques and credit card totals against the "Daily Takings Report".
  • Mark any errors on the report and write an explanation alongside it.
  • Pass all the paperwork and money to Accounts.


  • If items are taken by the wrong method, go to " Sales Ledger Maintenance Options Adjustments" to edit the transaction to show the correct method. From the takings report, you will have the 'Account Code' and 'Document Number' to enter here.
  • If the amount is wrong, correcting it will depend on how the money was taken. If the money is for a unit deposit, the deposit must be refunded through the Unit Sales system and posted again.

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