How should I format sales text on items for my ecommerce website?

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This article explains how to format the sales text on your stock items to look their best on your Platinum powered website.

This article is only applicable to users who have a Catalyst Platinum O+ ecommerce store. If you are interested in advertising your stock on-line please Contact your Platinum dealer or our sales team on 0116 230 1500 or by using our website sales contact page for more information

More Information

It is possible to link your Platinum system to your e-commerce store and have the items within Platinum fed directly to your website. This article covers the best practices for how your sales text on these items should be formatted to appear on your website.

To add sales text to your items, go to " Stock Control Add or Edit Stock Items".

  • Search for the item to which you wish to add sales text and click [Edit] or press <F5>.
  • Click on the [Web Publishing] tab.
  • In the "Sales Text" field, you can enter all the important sales information about the item which can be uploaded to your website.
  • This field will allow you to format the text as HTML. However support for this on your website will have to be checked with your web developer. If you are using a Catalyst Platinum O+ E-Commerce Store to list your items online, then you can use the this page for a list of supported HTML tags.
  • If you do use HTML in this field, you will get a [Preview] button appear at the top of the screen, click this or press <F6> to get a preview of how the information might appear on your website. This may not be exactly as it will appear on your website if you are using any CSS formatting.
  • Writing text in this field over sequential lines will output the text as a single paragraph to the website, whether you press <Enter> at the end of the line or not. If you want your text to appear on separate lines on the website it is important to leave a blank line between text in the "Sales text" field.

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