What do I do with this zip file and what is it?

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This article explains what a '.ZIP' file is, what it does and how to access its contents.

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WinZip is a widely used compression program that allows files to be compressed for downloading over the internet. We use this file format when storing templates for Report Generators and the Data Import on this site. You will need to extract the files inside the '.zip' file before you can use them.

File Extraction

Use either Windows Explorer or your preferred Zip file program to extract the files inside your zip file to a location on your machine.

7Zip, WinRAR, WinZip

These files can now be used by Platinum, if you are extracting template files for importing into the Report Generators or Data Import we would suggest you extract them to your 'sxco1' folder (This can be found inside the 'SX' folder, for example 'c:\sx\sxco1' or 'f:\sx\sxco1'). This will allow you to find them easily when you are importing these files into the Platinum Report Generator or Data Import.

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