What does the Customer Invoice Summary Screen Show?

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This article explains what the Customer Invoice Summary Screen will show you in " Sales Order Processing Order Invoicing".

More Information

The [Customer Invoice Summary] option allows you to view a list of customers with orders that have items ready to be invoiced. This may include orders with items which have not been fully processed. These items will not be invoiced until they have been fully processed. See What do the Column Headings Mean in Process Orders? for an explanation of what the processes are.

Customer Order Summary

Go into " Sales Order Processing Order Invoicing".

  • Press <F4>.
  • For each customer you will be able to see the number of items waiting to be processed and their Nett value.
  • Select the account to process and press <F2>.
  • You can now invoice the order as usual following the steps in Invoicing the Sales Order.

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