What is a report generator variable?

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This article describes what a variable is and how they are used.

More Information

What are they?

Essentially, a variable is a substitution for dynamic information.

How are they used?

This information comes from your database (customers, suppliers, stock, units, etc.) and is inserted into a report. The information can also be calculated from a collection of information (period balances, etc).

  • A01 is the variable for whether an account is a customer or supplier.
  • A02 is the variable for a customer or supplier code.

To produce a report for customer 'ABC001' you would need a range of:

 A01 = "S" AND A02 = "ABC001"

The variables 'A01' and 'A02' are substituted with the values from your customer database and then the range is tested. "=" indicates a comparison that tests whether two values match.

For a customer code of 'ABB001' the range would be evaluated as:

 "S" = "S" AND "ABB001" = "ABC001"

This test would fail as the second comparison doesn't match.

For a customer code of 'ABC001' the range would be evaluated as:

 "S" = "S" AND "ABC001" = "ABC001"
This test would pass as both comparisons match.

Where Used

  • Sort Order
  • Ranges
  • Columns

Variable Details

Each Variable has a reference file. This contains information about the variable and how it can be used. It also explains any parameters attached to a variable and, where relevant, what the default parameter will be.

On any field where you can enter a variable press <Shift+F2> or, where present, click on the [Reference] button at the top of the screen.

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