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Global Reports allow access to the Report Generator from anywhere in Platinum. Information such as Customer, Supplier and Stock Codes can be picked up by the Global Report to give information about the current item being viewed.

You can list any available variables from anywhere in Platinum.

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Report Filter

  • Go into the " Report Generator" and create a new report, setting the Sort Order and Column Details as usual.
  • In the "Report Filters" press <Shift+F6> on the first line to turn it into a formula line.
  • Use the '$ENV' function to access global variable.
    • E.g. S01 = $ENV{"S01ST"} would set the report to only give stock details for the stock code in the "Global Variable"'S01ST'.
  • Enter any other filters on the remaining lines.
  • Save the report.

Report Assignment

  • Go to the accept which you want to link the report to.
  • Click on " Reports Global Reporting."
  • Click [Add].
  • Select the relevant module.
  • Press <Enter> to list the reports.
  • Highlight the report and click [Choose].
  • Click [Close].

Copying to another Location

Each global report is tied to a particular location in Platinum. When you click on the "Global Reports" option in the "Reports" menu it will say "Current Location:" and displays the location at the top of the box. If you move to another field and look again you will this will change.

To add a report to another location, move onto the relevant accept the go into the Global reports option. Find the report in the list then press [Copy]. It will then be linked to that location too.

Run the Report

To run the report, click on "Reports" on the menu bar. If there is only one report linked to this field it will be shown at the top of the list. If there are other reports you may need to click on "Global Reporting" to find your report then press [Start].

Pressing <Alt+B> will run the first global report assigned to this accept.

Available Variables

These Global Variables allow your Global Report to drill down to the information that is currently being display. In the "Sales Ordering" where you enter both customer and stock codes, 'S01ST' would be available for the stock code and 'A02RP' would be available for the customer code.

Go to the field where you want to be able to access a report.

  • Click on " Reports Available Variables."
  • The variables available to you will be listed along with there description and current value to help you identify which variable to use in your report filter.

Further Details

These variables can used anywhere a report generator function can be used. E.g. Report Columns.

  • Use the $ENV{} function to access the value of the Global Variable in your report (see above).

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