What should I do when I change my eBay Password?

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This article will explain what you will need to do if you change your eBay password in order for your orders to keep being downloaded into Platinum.

These instructions also apply to the upload of units to Ebay.

Please note that you also need to refresh the authorisation every 18 months. Your orders will fail to download into Platinum/units fail to upload to Ebay until this process has been carried out. You are sent a reminder email to the address on your account.

More Information

In order to re-authorise Platinum you will need to:

  • Go to " Reports & Settings Maintenance Options Platinum O and Catalyst FindIt Online Control Panel".
    • This will take you to your online "CMS/FindIt" control panel.
    • Click [Manage] - "eBay".
    • Click "Grant or renew permission for Catalyst to access your eBay account...".
    • You will need to sign into your eBay account through this screen, and follow the on-screen instructions which will give permission for Catalyst to access your eBay user account, which is essential to download your orders.
You might be required to request eBay to contact you and confirm an on-screen reference code. This would mean eBay will call you.
This process will also need to be done once every 18 months to renew the license.

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