Why are document items being posted on the wrong date?

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This article explains why Platinum might show the wrong date on a posting and how to fix the problem.

More Information

  • 1: If you have logged into Platinum on a different date to make a posting but did not log out and back in with the correct date afterward, any postings you have done after the change will be wrong.
  • 2: Sometimes the Windows "Adjust Date/Time" can be used as a calendar. If the date had been changed and then the [OK] button is clicked, the date on the PC itself will be reset. If the user has then logged into Platinum in the usual way (i.e. enter user name -> press <Enter> then press <Enter> on the date, which will pick up the current PC date) the system will pick up the adjusted PC date and thus log all postings on that date until the system is logged off and the correct date is entered.

Adjusting/Checking the Date on your PC

  • <Right Click> the Clock in the bottom right of the Windows desktop.
  • <Left Click>"Adjust Date/Time".
  • Change the date by clicking on the calendar and click [Apply] then [OK].

Editing the Platinum Transaction Date

You will need to correct the date on your Platinum transaction. How you do this will be determined by the type of transaction. If it is a sales invoice or credit note that you have printed, then you should produce another piece of paper of the correct variety to reverse the original transaction on its original date. Almost any other type of transaction can probably be edited to correct the date (see below).

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