Why are my eBay Sales not Appearing in Platinum?

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What can you check if you have the link set up from eBay to your Platinum Sales Order Processing (see How do I get my eBay sales in to Platinum?) and have an eBay sale that has not appeared in Platinum?

More Information

There are a few things you can check to see why an eBay sale is not appearing in Platinum.

  • The sale might not be fully complete. You should check that the sale has been paid, the payment has cleared, and the sale has a "Paid date" recorded against it in your eBay " Selling Manager".
  • The sale might be for an eBay user that might have an existing customer record in your Platinum system, which needs to be confirmed. For more information see How do I review new web customers?
  • The eBay API (service) that Platinum communicates with to obtain your eBay sales might be temporarily unavailable. You can check the eBay System Status Announcement Board to see if this is the case. When the eBay service is back online any pending sales should be picked up automatically within 15 minutes.

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